Bicentennial PhotosBicentennial Photos
A collection of Bicentennial photographs from 1969 with captions from an interview with Bicentennial Chairman Fred Davis fifty years later
Converted from 35 mm slides on file at the Springfield Historical Society
Prepared November 2024 by Leigh Callaway
Early HistoryA Brief Early History of Springfield, New Hampshire

Gems from Granite Hills, 1954

History of Beaver Grange

Electricity Arrives in Springfield

Veteran’s Day/Armistice Day

Sarah Josepha Hale
People with Springfield connections18th Century
Springfield’s own History Mystery of Isreal Clifford

19th Century
The Untimely Death of Caleb Sanborn

20th Century
Dr. Paul Abelson
Rear Admiral Ellis Zacharias
Perambulation in NHThe History of Perambulation in New Hampshire

Perambulating Springfield’s Borders 1858-1947
Stories Found in SHS Newsletters
BiographicalSpringfield’s Own History Mystery of Israel Clifford – Dec, 2005

The 18th Century Israel Clifford Mystery Solved in the 21st Century – Jul, 2008

Sarah Josepha Hale (from Newport, the Sunshine Town) – Jan, 2008

Summer Residents, Dr. William Gary Morgan and Dr. Samuel Adams – Jul, 2007

The Miracle Man of the Western Front, Varaztad H. Kazanjian – Jan, 2007

Dr. Paul Ableson – Apr, 2006

Veterans Day/Armistice Day: First Sgt. George Mason Lovering, Civil War Medal of Honor Winner, Dr. David – Goodhue, Civil War Doctor, and Cpl. Arthur Heath, World War I. – Oct, 2006

Remembering Five of the Greatest Generation from Springfield Who Gave Their Lives for US: J. Wayne Bailey, Richard LaRue, Myrle Leonard, Reino Martella, and Lyman Saunders. – Apr, 2008

Interesting Women in Springfield’s Past (1700s-1930s) Judith Clifford, Lydia Loverin, Betsy Greeley, Sally Sanders, Susan Augusta Adams, Elsie Dozois, Julia Lane, Elizabeth Fellows, Sarah Haseltine, Nurse Striker, Ella McDaniel, Helen Philbrick, Addie Philbrick, Hilda Clough, Jane Hill, Eva Gardner – Sep, 2001

The untimely death of Caleb Sanborn: born 1820 son of one of first settlers – Apr, 2009

Idyll Farm-Wonderwell – Oct, 2009
Infamous StormsThe Hurricane of 1938, 60th Anniversary – Sep, 1998

The Hurricane of 1938 70th Anniversary – Oct, 2008

The Ice Storm of 1998, 10th Anniversary 2008 – Jan, 2009
Life in Springfield Makin’Do, The 1930’s and 40’s in Springfield, NH – Oct, 2009

 A Short Story About Springfield (Electricity Comes to Town) – Oct, 2007

Springfield’s Care of the Poor – Apr, 2007

 Life in Springfield During the 1920s-1930s – Jul, 2005

Snow Rollers and Kitchen Junkets, Early 1900s – Jan, 2002

The Day the Horses Ran Away (1940s) – Mar, 2002

Over Look Country Club – Jun, 2002

Sugaring in Springfield – Mar, 2005

Springfield’s Town House – Sep, 2004

Poems of the “Man from Wahoo Valley” – Sep, 2002

Discovering Melvin Hill – Dec, 2000

Springfield Home Front in the 1860s (Civil War) – Sep, 2000

The Country Store – Mar, 2001

Summertime on the Farm – Jun, 2001

Camp Innesfree, 1917-1947 – Jun, 2002

A Springfield Christmas, 1940s-1950s Style – Dec, 1999

Did You Know? (First Horseless Carriage in US built in Sunapee by a Springfield man) – Mar, 1999

What’s in a Name? Springfield’s Roads and Places – Mar, 2000

Springfield’s Religious Community, 1788-1982 – Jul, 2004
History of Springfield’s SchoolsSuperintendent’s Report 1853 – Sep, 2002

Center School, District #1 – Dec, 2002

District #2, Kempton School; Districts 3 & 4 – Mar, 2003

District #8, Fowlertown School; District #9, Morgan School; District #10, Stocker/Sanborn Hill School – Sep, 2003

District #12, Perley Town School: District #13, Maxfield School; Twentieth Century Changes – Apr, 2004
OrganizationsSpringfield Fraternal Organizations.(Order of Eastern Star, Masons, Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias, Patrons of Husbandry (Grange) – Jan, 2005