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A Survey of Springfield, NH's Small Cemeteries and Single Graves

The early surveys were done by Dorothy Eldeen and Patsy Heath Caswell. For a background on cemeteries, see Springfield Cemeteries (Background) - Jan 2004.
Cemetery - Springfield, NH

Is This a Cemetery from Long Ago? If so, who is buried there? Dorothy and Dick Eldeen had once lived near this site in Springfield, and we decided it should be surveyed. It is located three hundred feet from the corner of the Bog Road and the Old Grantham Road, on the left side, past a culvert. Forty feet over the stone wall is a mound of stones placed in a rectangle approximately 10 x 11 feet. Most of the stones look like ordinary granite stones.

Old Pleasant View Cemetery: The cemetery material is not complete yet. If you know of a relative who should be there and do not find the name on the list, please contact Patricia Heath Caswell

In a disused graveyard by Robert Frost
Inventory of Cemeteries and Cemetery Markers with photo image of marker
List of Revolutionary War Soldiers 2010
Old Pleasant View Cemetery Listings

Fowlertown Cemetery
  • Almira Fowler
  • Hannah Fowler
  • Lowel Fowler
  • Moses Fowler
  • Sally Fowler
  • Hill Dale Cemetery List

    Barden Cemetery

  • Amy Barden
  • Charley Barden
  • Clothilda Barden

  • Davis Cemetery NH Rte 114
  • Ephraim Davis & Almira Stinson
  • James M. Davis
  • Charles H. Davis
  • Mary Ella Davis
  • Sarah Cross
  • Collins/Dutchman Pond Cemetery
    Survey Page 1
    Survey Page 2
    People known buried at Dutchman/Collins Cemetery
  • Eros Collins
  • L. P. Collins
  • Henry Collins
  • Alice Collins (or Addison) stone between Collins & Addison plots
  • John Collins, Revolutionary War Veteran (stone not located)
  • 5 unknown stones in Collins plot
  • John Addison
  • Hanna Addison
  • Hanna Addison (daughter)
  • Alice Addison (or Collins) stone between Collins & Addison plots: 1 unknown stones in Addison plot
  • 2 unknown stones in a separate plot
  • Messer Cemetery
  • Phineas and Lois Messer
  • Mary C. Messer
  • Jacob Messer
  • Mary E.W. Burpee Messer
  • Jacob Messer
  • John Messer
  • Anthony Messer
  • Melvin Messer
  • Ervin P. Messer, Jr.
  • Sylvester Bowman Messer
  • Mary Ann Bowman Messer
  • Phineas Messer
  • Charles C. Messer, MD
  • Private Property Graves

  • John F. Currier
  • Stephen Heseltine
  • Star Lake Cemetery
  • Star Lake Names
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